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Features:  The game is getting highly popular due to its special features that the game offers:  Various Modes – The game comes […]



The game is getting highly popular due to its special features that the game offers: 

  1. Various Modes – The game comes with two basic modes which are survival and creative modes. Later on, three modes were added to the game, which is Adventure, hardcore, and spectator. Creative mode allows the player to use unlimited resources. You can switch the modes from one to another as when you like. Survival Mode is the mode that allows the player to search for the resources and craft items. Adventure mode is where a player is provided with limited features. Spectator mode makes the player not to interact with anything in the game. Hardcore mode is the mode where a player can die in the game.  
  1. The Number Of Players –The game allows the players to either play as a singleplayer or as multiple players. Multiple players allow the player to play and enjoy the game with his friends.  
  1. Inventory – By using inventory effectively, a player can control his characters well. The inventory is the place where all the gathered materials are collected. The four components of inventory are Inventory Slots, character portrait, crafting grid and armor slots.  

Supported platforms: 

Minecraft is available on various platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, computer, mobile, etc. Let’s have a look at them: 

  1. Computer version – Computer version of Minecraft is the most updated and easy to use version. The computer version first receives the updates for Minecraft. People tend to play the game on their PC first get to enjoy the new features. The computer edition of the game has fewer limitations when it comes to items and resources.  
  1. Pocket Edition – Pocket edition of the game is suitable for the people who are always on the go. The pocket edition of the game is released on many platforms including Android, iOS, Windows phones, and Fire OS. The game is available on the Google play store or Apple Play store. The best part is that the game comes with an affordable price tag of $6.99.  
  1. Console – The classic feel of the console is the best way to play Minecraft. The console version of the game is available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and XBOX 360. The console version has similarities with the PC version; however, the worlds of the game are limited in this version of the game.  

Installing And Un-Installing The Game From The Phone: 

You can download and install Minecraft from Google and Apple Play store. To uninstall the game, you will need to open the settings options on your phone where you will need to go to application manager, from where you can search Minecraft and uninstall it.  

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