Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  •   Latest Version : 1.09
  •   Updated On: 2019, 12, 20
  •   Size: 7.3M
  •   Author : Rockstar Games
  •   Download : 5
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No game offers an experience like that of GTA: Vice City. As compared to other titles of the GTA series, the story of GTS Vice City is stronger with a protagonist. The missions in the game are longer and involve more gameplay. Buildings play a more important role and the game allows players to not just enter the buildings but even buy them. This opens up many new rewards and missions for the players. GTA: Vice City has raised the bar with its range of vehicles, weapons, and many other surprises.

GTA: Vice City revolves around the character, Tommy Vercetti. He is a gangster who has just finished his 15 years stint in prison. Vice City is a game that took place in the 1980s. Tommy Vercetti is sent to Vice City in Florida by his bosses for a few new missions. After reaching there, Tommy collaborates with a lawyer and both of them plan for a drug score. But, unfortunately, the drugs and money disappear, and Tommy fights to find out who has cheated him. This situation involves some violence, but the game walks you through both horror and humor while offering all this material.

Vice City is a well-developed town that breathes and lives like some other games settings. The cops, citizens, and crooks in the city are competent of dynamic behavior. You will also find rival gangs fighting against each other and traffic accidents turning into serious fights throughout the game. While you will spend a lot of time between these encounters, the heart of this game is driving from one crime to another and stealing cars. You will find many different cars in this game, including sporty cars, wagons, and sedans. There also are city buses, trucks, and delivery vans that offer you a slower and damage-free ride. Moreover, the motorcycles make an outstanding addition in the game, not just as a “cool” factor but as new gameplay opportunities too.

Another draw in the game is various boats that are the focus of the missions. You can take part in the boat theft, boat race, and even boat destruction missions during the game. Once you complete certain missions, you will get respawning boats at specific locations. The hardest part of driving the boats is getting on the boat and off it without falling on the dock. Helicopters and planes, though found later in the game, are also on the menu. They get unlocked when you buy certain properties or complete certain missions. You get to explore many locations in the Vice City from a police station to shopping malls to mansions. Many missions of the game will take you in these structures, which makes the game much more interesting.

If you haven’t played GTA: Vice City yet, go to the Google Play Store and download it today itself. Just like it is simple to install this game, you can uninstall it within seconds. You just need to find the GTA: Vice City icon on your phone. Tap and hold it for a couple of seconds and choose to uninstall from the options.