•   Updated On: 2019, 12, 20
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Fortnite as a battle royale game took the world by storm a year back and the popularity has only grown over time. Epic has […]


Fortnite as a battle royale game took the world by storm a year back and the popularity has only grown over time. Epic has now made it available on the Smartphone platform too. Earlier, only Samsung device users could install it directly but the company released a new beta in 2019, making things simpler for other Smartphone users. You can now play it on devices made by LG, Nokia, Google Pixel and Oneplus 

The plot 

The storyline is Fortnite is a simple as it gets. As the player, you are dropped on an island and there are other players too. You have to battle the others with the aim of becoming the sole survivor. Plenty of fights and shootings will take place, naturally. You will find yourself on a flying bus with others and the bus is hovering on the island. You will have to drop off at a location of your choice and rest will do the same too. 

Thereafter, you have to build a shelter and look out for weapons. There will be different types of enemies and you have to be a sharp observer to survive the attacks and emerge as the winner at the end. You have to gather resources like metal, wood, bricks. As the island topography keeps shrinking, battling gets more intensive over the minutes.  

The visuals are quite nice but a tad cartoonish in nature. Epic has used very nice soundtrack in the game as well. You will find plenty of variations in landscape of the virtual island where your in-game character gets dropped. You may play as a singleplayer or group up in small teams, which adds to diversity. From time to time, Epic adds new maps and mods.  

So, what are the downers? 

It is hard to find any battle royale game- which can be called perfect and that is true of Fortnite as well. There are a few downers and there is no escaping them. You can download it and play without paying. However, you may be tempted to customize your character after some time. For that, you need to use virtual currency in the game.  

The game should be tried when you have a strong wifi network. Playing it on any cellular connection will lead to quick exhaustion of the data pack. The game for smartphones is still in beta and so some usage issues are not unexpected. The users may get irked by FPS capping and battery guzzling issues. 

Installations and uninstallation 

The installation woes of the previous beta no longer exist. Smartphone users can head to the Epic Games website and download the game normally. However, to play it you will need a powerful device. uninstalling it is fairly simple too. 


Fortnite is impressive as a battle royale game. You have to put up with a few quirks nevertheless.  

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